By now you’re well aware that my passion is bringing corporate travel into the light. For corporate travel to be acknowledged as an industry. So today, let’s have a look at what a world would look like for travel managers if we were already there: at the table – partner of the big industries.

Inside their organizations

Within their own organizations, there are three main benefits to travel managers:

  1. Executive support

Travel managers will be ensured of executive support. Once businesses realize the potential of new opportunities, maintaining relations, developing and researching products, that are brought by corporate travel; executives will all want to be associated with the latest boost to the travel programme.

  1. Strategic planning

Currently, travel managers have a thousand tasks to perform – more if travel is not the only thing they’re looking after. In this environment, there’s no time for strategic planning or testing policy adjustments. But once corporate travel is recognized, there’ll be enough resources in place to deal with the day-to-day as well as with strategy. It’ll bring the fun back to the role.

  1. Rising compliance

Executive buy-in and strategic working – what more could one ask for? Traveller compliance, of course. With the world at large understanding the importance of corporate travel, compliance will rise: partly, because travellers know why it’s expected of them. Partly, and more importantly, because travellers trust the travel manager – and the programme.


Outside their organizations

  1. Inside story

Yes, even now travel managers have the inside story.  But it’s tainted by day-to-day affairs: the ongoing story of travellers trying / booking outside the programme.
Now imagine the days when all of the above is true: travel managers will have the true inside story: where is business going? What trends are companies interested in? How could that align with the travel programme? It’ll be value creation beyond recognition.

  1. Partnerships

The above goes hand in hand with new opportunities of partnerships – reaching further than the traditional supplier relations we’re currently used to. Partnerships form when there’s give and take on both sides. When partners come together to work, based on trust, friendship and passion.

  1. Super-connectors

And if that wasn’t good enough, travel managers will be the new super connectors: making introductions between partners that help businesses grow. This, in turn, will strengthen their own position inside the company as a truly valued and trusted partner.


I’m sure there are many more benefits travel managers will have, but these paint my very own vision of the future of corporate travel.

The question is: are you ready for change?



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