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Our main aim is to contribute to and share knowledge across the globe. Bespoke training, geared towards your company’s needs, is in integral part to our work. And we know this supports your employees to be the best they can be.

Travel managers
We’re here to support your efforts in educating all stakeholders: travellers, senior management, business units (and their owners), procurement, human resources – and everyone else you need and want to work with.

There’s a lack of talent in the pool, or, rather, a lack of talent who know and understand corporate travel. We’re here to help you with onboarding, ongoing education of all employees and specific seminars on hot topics.

We’re happy to offer ‘teach the teacher’ courses for academics who would like to understand the industry better before embarking on their teaching mission. We won’t only share what you need to know about the industry, but also how to integrate it in your module. Sharing information and study material to empower the next generation who support globalization.