Let’s look at mobile. Not the fact that we need to enable travellers to use mobiles and provide them with apps to do everything. No, let’s look at how mobile helps transform corporate travel to a growth enabler.

We need to think outside of tradition. But we can only do that once we’ve connected with our core. If we’re unsure of what we (or our businesses) are doing, we’ll just keep running after the newest and shiniest hypes, trends and buzz words.

So today I want to tell you about a new mobile app called Causr. This is taking corporate travel, or any travel in fact, in a whole new different direction: it allows subscribers to connect with one another based on location. Next time you’re waiting for your train at Paddington, why not check the app to see who is near you and have coffee? You can join groups that you’re interested in and that’ll enable you to message new contacts. The best part is: it’s powered through LinkedIn so you don’t need to fill out any details (again and again).

Let’s look at a practical example: you may be traveling to ACTE global conference in Amsterdam this week. You’ve decided to arrive a day early, but the weather is letting you down and you’ve decided to have dinner near the hotel. You dread going out for dinner alone. Now, if you have Causr on your phone, you can join the ACTE group and see if other attendees might be around already. Because of the ACTE group you can engage directly with members of the group and see if someone else would like to grab a bite to eat. Obviously, this is just one example. In actual fact, the opportunities and potential is endless!

But I’m not here to advertise a product. My goal is to transform corporate travel to its rightful place as business growth enabler. And I’m here to show you new ways of doing things, new ideas that are happening. In my opinion, Causr is a brilliant one. Within the first week of launching, two people met and conducted business worth £500k!

It’s not all about ‘making money’, however, and down time is important, so rest assured: you can set the app to ‘invisible’ if you don’t want anyone to know that you’re around. This might prove a vital sales point for companies anxious to make deals behind closed doors and without prying eyes.

So how does Causr help transform corporate travel? It’s simple, really: at the core travel connects people to trade. So does this app. It’s not a substitute for travel, it’s not another virtual meeting option. It’s valuing face-to-face interaction and facilitates this via real-time, location-based technology.

Their vision is “to create millions of meaningful connections for people nearby, all around the world, every day.”


I wonder, what is our vision for the Corporate Travel Industry?

Over the next few weeks I’ll write about how we can make corporate travel more visible and what benefits this will bring to travel managers, suppliers, travellers and businesses overall.

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