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We’re passionate about what we do – and that shows when we’re on stage. Drawing the audience in with charm, humour and (most importantly) valuable information. Showing how trends connect with the everyday and how little changes can have a big impact. There are motivating action points and the audience will be eager to just get up and do.


“At our NATM-event Claudia presented on The Importance of Mobile in the business travel industry. Claudia’s easy storytelling way of presenting this topic immediately got the attendees’ attention. Her drive and knowledge on both sides of the industry means that she could easily connect the dots between fun-facts and data. Commitment was key as the attendees were not only there to listen but to participate and reflect themselves on this topic as well. So if a topic appears which matches Claudia Unger’s experience I won’t hesitate to contact her again to share knowledge with our members.”
Odete Pimenta da Silva, Managing Director NATM