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Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight

In 2016 there’s more business travel than ever before: meetings, events, conferences, exhibitions, but also corporate individual travel. It’s this latter category that hasn’t been researched and needs to make its way up the academic agenda. The corporate travel industry needs people from all walks of life, especially strategic thinkers who can align company goals with what can be achieved through traveling.
Beginning with placing corporate travel firmly in its tourism setting, thereby discussing the economic importance of both, the book then moves further in on the topic by giving an overview of past, present, and future of the industry. Moving closer to the core, stakeholders and their roles are discussed – and rediscovered when we take a look at the travel program and its management. Finally, it’s down to the traveller and how all complexities happening in the background benefit them on the trip cycle.
This book is a first step to close a gap that has been left open for too long. Not on purpose, but few people outside the industry realise its economic importance – and size. And while it may not give you all the answers, it does provide you with an overview of the complexities of corporate travel and its management.


Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight Workbook

This workbook complements Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight. It walks you through the five key areas already discussed in the book. But rather than ‘just’ reading information, in the workbook you are invited to think, search, find and build-up your own opinions on the topics raised – using the books line spaces to keep your thoughts together. 
Today’s world is changing at rapid speed and there are constantly new products, services, thoughts and books emerging on the subject of Corporate Travel. This book encourages you to think deeply about these changes and future trends. 
The information, questions and tasks provided in this book are designed to help you form an opinion about corporate travel in general, and the various topics in particular.