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Together with our clients we create a canvas from scratch. Concentrating on the core of what each stakeholder can bring to the table. And creating strategic direction that fits with the highest asset of any company: its people. But we don’t only support the direction. We won’t ask you to set sail with a compass in hand, but we’ll be right beside you. Helping you on, finding alternative routes and possibly short-cuts to achieve your goals.

Travel managers
What’s the core of your job? Is it cutting costs? If your answer is yes, as it is for so many travel managers, let’s create a strategy focussing on growing the business. Because travel is much more than a cost centre.

Do you serve many masters? Are you continuously trying to balance between leisure, corporate and the corporation? Together, we can untangle the different strands and create a customized strategy to each segment. Knowing how to talk to each and spotting their needs is half the battle.

Does your curriculum cover business travel? Do you talk about individuals traveling for business? Most universities don’t – great if you do! Whether you’re already teaching this, thinking about this or didn’t know it existed: we can bring direction to your current tourism courses and advise how best to fit corporate travel in the curriculum.