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Today, most companies see corporate travel as a cost center. They’ve lost sight of the value it brings as a business enabler. All they can think about is cutting costs. That can have detrimental effects on the traveler and subsequently on their performance for the company. And that’s just the immediate effect.

It’s time for the world to realize there’s an industry here. An industry that contributes about 1/3 towards overall tourism spend. And it’s time for us, within the industry, to shout about what we do and make people aware of all those supporting functions, technologies, travel programmes and policy.

Why? Because we don’t have the understanding, funding, education and our rightful place in the business world. And it’s time we changed that!


What We Do


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Claudia Unger – Founder bio

Claudia Unger for Publish!

Claudia Unger has an extensive background in corporate travel and a passion for education, setting her up perfectly to form Claudia Unger Ltd; a company striving to transform the industry from cost centre to business growth enabler. Before starting out on her own, Claudia lead the research & intelligence team at BCD Travel. She’s been coming up with effective ways to apply new innovations within the industry — whether driven by savings, productivity or recruitment and retention. Claudia is a well-known and welcome speaker at local and global industry events.

Before joining the corporate travel world, Claudia was a lecturer for event management and marketing at Regent’s University, London. She also helped develop the curriculum for the Travel & Tourism master’s degree program.